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1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload) 5 songs you love that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

smc_27 gave me D.

I was tempted to do all songs beginning with "Don't" because I could, but instead I've managed to narrow it down to 5 songs that just start with D. Since uploading doesn't work, YouTubeing is the easier way to go.

In honour of the requester,
1. Don't Stop Believing - originally by Journey, but let's face it, everyone but fans of The Sopranos and people older than my parents now think of it as being from Glee, right? (Though the last version may be my favourite because that boy is awesome. And would make a great choice to play Kurt's boyfriend...)
2. Defying Gravity" - Wicked
Dizzy - Goo Goo Dolls
4. Downeaster Alexa - Billy Joel
And in honour of where I'm going this evening (Sing-along Sound of Music!),
5. Do Re Mi

Holiday Card Polling Time

International card requests welcome. Results are viewable only to me. If you already answered nikolche's poll, you don't need to also answer mine...unless you want to.

Preferred addressing name

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What holiday(s) do you celebrate?

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Human Light Day
Generic "Happy Holiday" kind of holiday

Any quilters?

I've recently discovered the world of online/"virtual" quilting bees. Essentially a group of people (usually 12 of them, one for each month, but that's subject to groups' preferences) 'sign up,' then assign an order. The first person sends fabric out to all the other people in the group, everyone makes a quilt block or two, then sends them back to the first person at the end of the month. Then the second month starts, the second person sends out fabric, everyone but the second person (including the first person) makes blocks with the second set of fabric, then it goes back at the end of the month, and so on and so forth until everyone has sewn n-1 blocks and n people have complete (or nearly-complete) quilt tops.

The fabric can - and usually does - go out with instructions about the type of quilt this will be, but those instructions can be as specific as "I'm doing it in drunken log cabin style, and please put the mushroom fabric in the center" or as generic as "I like curves." People can request the size of the block, can request techniques (like embroidery or applique), can suggest which fabrics should be prominent/accents...or not. And at the end of a month, you just have to stitch it all together and quilt the final product.

I'm now completely intrigued.

Any of my friendly resident crafters up for such a thing? It's a relatively small commitment of time and money, and now that we are (for the most part) starting to settle into homes and adulthood instead of schlepping from dorm to dorm every year, I think it might be a fun way to make things more homey.

For anyone who may be concerned...

...We're alive, we're fine. I spent three hours trapped in the city and unable to get home tonight, and Nicky spent a couple hours on the Metro worried that I was one of the people who died, but all is well, we're sitting here waiting for our pizza to arrive.


So after the last thing (which turned out be a scam), and another non-starter, we finally found an apartment!

For those of you who actually know DC, it's halfway between the Ballston and Virginia Square metro stops. 5th floor, corner unit, 1-bedroom, washer-dryer in unit, dishwasher...a pool, a little gym, it's across the street from the public library and a park, all for just short of what we're paying now. So my commute is a little longer (like 5 minutes) but Nicky's is half as long, so we'll live. And, oh yeah, it's twice the size of what we have now!

So...who wants to help us move this week? :)


Just got back from the National Portrait Gallery, where Zilly Rosen (the woman who made the cupcake mosaic of Obama) made a mosaic of Obama and Lincoln from 5,600 cupcakes! It her crew of about 7 right around 4 hours to assemble.

According to the pamphlet she was handing out about the installation, she wanted to make the Obama cupcakes out of chocolate but couldn't because they bake to a different size than the yellowcake she usually uses, so instead she iced Lincoln in vanilla and Obama in chocolate "as a tribute to their heritage," but the fondant used to depict their faces are the same four or five pigments, just in different ratios.

How cool!

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I'm thinking seriously about becoming a high-ranking Democrat so I can get out of ever paying taxes.

Seriously, people. They made a huge deal about the indepth questionnaires designed to vet people to avoid a repeat of the Clinton debacles. And what happens? The exact same issues (failure to pay taxes and illegal help, and failure to pay taxes ON illegal help) come up.

If you make enough money to pay a driver, you make enough money to pay the taxes on the driver. Just saying.